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Do you Need a break?

You are on maternity leave and feel like you have spent the last month working 80 hours per week? would be delighted to put everything together and allow you to relax and spend a nice afternoon/day/evening. Please contact us and we will  provide you with a quote depending on your needs and expectations.

Let's imagine a certified nurse and/or a professional housekeeper coming to your place, taking care of your little one and your house while you are enjoying a massage followed by a nice lunch and, why not, a very welcomed nap in a chic hotel... Or maybe spend an afternoon with your friends, an evening with your husband and be assured that professional hands are taking care of your baby at home?


We would be thrilled to make sure that you have a break beyond your expectations anywhere in the french part of Switzerland.

A Magic Break could also be a perfect birthgift for all mothers!

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