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Option 1 - Check list

This option includes a first in-persin meeting to understand your specific needs and wishes. We will then provide you with a list of items including the model/brand/provider to be discussed and explained during an in-person meeting. We will also take this opportunity to provide you with most useful tips to get ready for the new arrival and prepared for your maternity leave in the most efficient way.


Price: 450.- CHF (incl. taxes)

Option 2 - personal shopper

On top of option 1, and once a budget has been agreed on, we will shop your childcare articles in specialized stores and relevant websites. We will deliver your material at home once all items are gathered.

Price: 700.- CHF (incl. taxes) + 10% total value of purchases

Option 3 - Baby's room delivery

We provide you with a "clef en main" baby's room according to your selection and budget previously discussed. We will also, if needed, coordinate the work that needs to be done by, as an example, painters. You will be ready to welcome your little one in the most cosy and friendly atmosphere.

Price: 2000.- CHF (incl. taxes) + 10% total value of purchases and services

Option 4 - all in one

This option will allow you to relax and wait for us to prepare your baby's room and deliver all childcare articles at home. Taking also into account all tips that we will provide you with, you will be more than ready to welcome your baby in the best conditions. 

Price: 2500.- CHF (incl. taxes) + 10% total value of purchases and services

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